Operation MINDFALL


Your first mission as W.I.S.E agents has begun; an evil agency Spider Tech has compromised our ground water and is working to take over our minds. Go undercover and solve the difficult riddles and games to stop this world domination.

This game is an outdoor cyber adventure, incorporating specific locations in downtown Winter Haven.

Important Information


Each team can consist of 2-5 players and up to five teams can start the mission at the same time.

  • Operation Mindfall is an outdoor adventure quest.
  • At least one of your team members must have an operating cellphone that has Facebook Messenger to play Operation Mindfall.
  • Only private bookings of this event are available. 2 person minimum.
  • We recommend Operation Mindfall for adults and older teens. Players below the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • At lease one person on your team must have a valid driver license.